MOTOGADGET M-switch, 3 bottoni

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MOTOGADGET M-switch, 3 bottoni

MOTOGADGET M-switch, 3 bottoni, 22mm polish e pulsanti neri

Motogadget m-switch, 3 buttons, 22 mm, polished housing/black buttons




The m-Switch is a high quality universal push-button control for
handle bars with 1 in. or 22 mm (7/8 in.) tube diameter in a plain
and elegant design. These finely CNC machined hand controls in
combination with an electronic push-button control unit (NOT
INCLUDED IN KIT) are used to operate all electrical features, e.g.
lights, turn signal, E-Starter, horn, etc.
The casing is made from CNC machined billet aluminium and
available in mirror polished or reflective black finished surface
respectively. The compact design casing permits mounting two or
more units on one handle bar.
Each unit is equipped with two or three push-buttons in black or
stainless steel. Different looks matching or contrasting the casing
can be combined freely. Two flush built-in M5 stainless steel
mounting screws (only one screw on the three-button version) ensure
secure and stable clamping of the push-button control to all handle
The push-buttons are of high quality, very robust design and
vibration- and spraywater-proof (IP65). The adequate size and
ergonomic pressure point (easy, mechanical detent) provide for a
definite actuation sensing - even when operated with gloves. This
feedback allows shifting without the need to check the
Each push-button is equipped with two terminals for an easy
optional circuit layout with only one or two cables. The internal
ground terminal is already provided for the one cable layout.
Therefore, the routing of the cable inside the handle bar can be
performed easily. The push-buttons are available separately and can
be replaced if damaged. The m-Switch is of course compatible to all
common push-button controls, e.g. the m-Unit.
Inner diameter: 22 mm or 1 in.
Outer diameter: approx. 49 mm
Width: 20.5 mm
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